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3. 11. 2013

Duo CACIB Praha • A Dry Run for European Dog Show 2014

However the final rehearsal for the European Dog Show 2014 will be the February show in Brno, double show in Praha was also a kind of dry run for this prestigeous international event. Almost 3500 dogs competed in Prague each day. Number of French bulldogs wasn't surprisingly high. Nocturne Mer Aglaos, a male of J. Kreplová, won both BOB and CACIB titles on Saturday. Queen Elisabeth Bohemia Hapet of H. Petrová was awarded Res. CACIB in females. Sunday was a one-female-show of K. Pejšová. Her male Eagle-Eyed Flat Devils won both CACIB and BOB, while her multichampion Best Looking Flat Devils has got CACIB in females. Our Hébé is pregnant and so she left at home. Horus probably became afraid of his high responsibility and refused to pose on the table in both days, what eliminated any hope for his good placement. click here
5. 10. 2013

IDS Č. Budějovice • A Successful Day for Anima Canis

French bulldogs were judged by Mr. Antonín Karban in Č. Budějovice. Titles Best of Breed (BOB) and CACIB were taken by fawn-pied male Eagle-Eyed Flat Devils of K. Pejšová. Res. CACIB was awarded to Nocturne Mer Aglaos of J. Kreplová, who placed the 2nd in the same class. Our Horus placed 4th in Intermediate Class. Two females bred in our kennel competed for CACIB after all. We were very happy of both - champion Dalila Anima Canis won CACIB, our "home" girl Hébé Anima Canis has got the reserve title. click here
7. 9. 2013

Club Show of the MSBMK

Seventy nine Frenchies had been entered in the MSBMK Club Show 2013 in Brno. Club Winners 2013 became male Nocturne Mer Aglaos of J. Kreplová and female Queen Elisabeth Bohemia Hapet of H. Petrová. Our twins, Horus and Hébé, competed with moderate success beeing valuated excellent but without title. Consequently, they both passed succesfully the Breeding Suitability Test and were approved for breeding. click here
16. 6. 2013

NDS Klatovy • Ring Debut of Hébé and Horus Anima Canis

Our juniors Hébé and Horus debuted in the ring at the NDS in Klatovy. Both were quite successful: Hébé won the Intermediate Class and got CAC; Horus placed the second and received Res. CAC. Consequently, Hébé succumbed to champion Best Looking Flat Devils of Kateřina Pejšová in fight for the National Winner title. In dogs, the same title was awarded to another Frenchie of the same owner, Eagle-Eyed Flat Devils. French bulldogs were fairly judged by Mrs. Vladimíra Tichá. Our debuting juniors were chaperoned by their mother, multichampion Betty Boop Anima Canis. click here
16.06.2013 ● NVP Klatovy ● HORUS Anima Canis ● Psi, mezitřída: V2, res. CAC ● Males, Intermediate Class: Ex. 2, Res. CAC
16.06.2013 ● NVP Klatovy ● HÉBÉ Anima Canis ● Feny, mezitřída: V1, CAC ● Females, Intermediate Class: Ex. 1, CAC
16.06.2013 ● NVP Klatovy ● Hébé a Horus s maminkou Betty Boop ● Hébé and Horus with their mom Betty Boop
16.06.2013 ● NVP Klatovy ● BEST LOOKING Flat Devils ● Feny, tř. vítězů: V1, CAC, NV, BOB ● Females, Winner Class: Ex. 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB
11. 4. 2013

CZECH CHAMPION Title for Dalila Anima Canis!

Dalila met the last requirement to be awarded this title at Easter International Dog Show in České Budějovice. The CMKU was quick and so Dalila already has it confirmed in black and white: She is a new Czech Champion. Congratulations both to her and her owner Martina Saulichova (Alsamar Kennel)! 
CH Dalila Anima Canis (*28.8.2009, A'Vigdors Brabus x Adela Anima Canis)
CH Dalila Anima Canis (*28.8.2009, A'Vigdors Brabus x Adela Anima Canis)
CH Dalila Anima Canis (*28.8.2009, A'Vigdors Brabus x Adela Anima Canis)
CH Dalila Anima Canis (*28.8.2009, A'Vigdors Brabus x Adela Anima Canis)
31. 3. 2013

Easter 2013. Be happy!

19. 12. 2012

AUSTRIAN CHAMPION Title for Daddy's Boy of Anima Canis!

Our Daddy's Boy met the last requirement for the title of Austrian Champion in Wels; the title was officially awarded to him by Österreichischer Kynologenverband (ÖKV) just today. Congratulation, Daddy! 
CH Daddy's Boy of Anima Canis
CH Daddy's Boy of Anima Canis
CH Daddy's Boy of Anima Canis
Mother & Son: CH Adela Anima Canis (left) & CH Daddy's Boy of Anima Canis (right)
17. 12. 2012

PF 2013

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